Saba - Dutch Caribbean 

I found Saba completely by chance. I was scouring the maps and the largest Villa here, The Bottom, popped up on my search. I thought, “Well, I guess I can’t go any lower than The Bottom.” I looked into it completely as a joke, but then fell in love with the idea of going somewhere so unknown where there are so few people that live there let alone vacation. With a population of less than 2000, 1/3 of that being medical students (yes, there is a medical school on this very tiny island) the sense of community here is so appealing. Compared to living downtown Toronto for 3 years, this is the complete opposite. It has the smallest commercial runway in the world, one major road (ironically titled “The Road”), and quaint shops, bars, and restaurants. I have been here just shy of 24 hours, but am already concerned that I won’t leave. Maybe this is the complete lifestyle overhaul I’ve needed. I suppose I have the month I’m here to figure it out. Stay tuned.